Do Expired Domains Matter When Used In A 301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect technique is one of the most exploited methods used to increase the traffic to your website from another domain. A 301 redirect from an expired domain that carries both Domain Authority, as well as Page Authority, is valuable in that it sends the visitors from the expired URL to your site. Your website can benefit tremendously from the SEO work done by the previous owners of the expired domain.

What is an expired or a deleted domain?

An expired, or a deleted domain is a domain that was once functional but now has been dropped or moved to another domain. When looking for an expired domain for a 301 redirect purpose, make sure that the website has relevant quality Back links as well as high-quality content. It is also advisable to avoid domains that have a history of being used for spamming purposes or those that have Google penalties for they will have a negative impact your website.  One great tool to easily find statistics of any expired domain is TB-Solutions. The better the statistics, the more will be the number of visitors directed to your website; thus, your site will rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing listings and other search engines.

How to select an expired domain

The Expired Domains is one of the best websites to find deleted domains. Most people look for dropped domains with the highest page rankings, but these rankings can be misleading. Selecting an expired domain becomes easier when it is filtered for back links, from the highest to the lowest. Page rankings and back links are directly related, and there is no chance of it being faked. The higher the number of the back links a dropped domain has, the higher is its search engine rankings. Another way of finding expired domains can be through direct traffic or links from other websites.

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From the worthless to the most sought after domain names, expired domain names are trusted by most as a lucrative way to generate and increase revenue and website traffic.

While a 301 redirect is an unusual method of gaining traffic for your site, it can substantially boost your website traffic if used appropriately in conjunction with other methods such as inbound marketing and content marketing. Implementing 301 redirect using deleted domains is one technique that most SEO experts use to hasten the rankings of a website.

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